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Replacing Broken Garage Door Springs with Quality Parts and Service
Usually when springs break it is because the metal has become structurally weak and brittle. Unfortunately metal will weaken over the course of time, especially when it is put under constant strain. A broken spring could be due to a multitude of reasons: weather, heavy usage, poor quality products, and etc.
If one spring breaks, we also recommend that you replace the second spring along with the one that broke. The reasoning behind this is that you want your springs to have the same amount of wear and tear on them. In many situations, when one spring breaks, the second one will break soon after. In the case that you have one broken spring and decide to only change one, if the second one breaks within the following days or month, this would cost you more money in the long run.

There are two types of door springs:
Extension Springs
These springs sit along the wall above the garage door opening and are used for heavier doors. These are engineered with two designs: Sectional Garage Door Extension Springs and One-Piece Garage Door Extension Springs.
Torsion Springs
These springs sit on either side of the door track and are typically used on lighter doors. These are engineered with five designs: Standard Residential Torsion Springs and Standard Commercial Torsion Springs, EZ-Set Torsion Springs, Torquemaster Torsion Springs, Mini-Warehouse Torsion Springs, and Steel Rolling Door Torsion Springs.
Garage door springs can be very dangerous if not properly installed and maintained. They should only be installed, maintained and repaired by qualified service professionals with specialized training and tools. The purpose of these springs is to counterbalance the door as it opens and closes. 

Garage doors are very heavy. Due to their size and weight, they are capable of crashing down with dangerous speed and force. Springs pack tremendous pressure in order to function properly. As a result, when mishandled they can easily release enough power to injure or kill a person who's in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Springs are the single most important part of any garage door system. The spring acts as the counterbalance to allow the door to “float”.

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